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i'm tired of cleaning up your little burrito doings [Apr. 25th, 2008|02:42 am]
navigating the bad juju
wheels are spinning too fast for sleep.
haven't been sleeping well much at all lately. found, once and for all, that tylenol PM and i do not get along. xanax and i get along swimmingly, however.

the past is coming back to me. nostalgic for all the beauty and experiences that were coming my way this time last year, they wouldn't have been possible without FB...which led me to think of how i can attain that again, which led me to thinking about finances, on to long-term plans, and so on.
do i want to continue fluttering about, or do i want to pursue a path that may actually lead me to a solid financial future so that i can do the things i want? could i maybe be onto something that first and foremost makes me happy, and the perk is that the pay isn't too shabby? do i want this or that? do i want to start teaching? i kinda want to teach art to high school kids while wearing crazy outfits and glasses.

will this ever end? why can't i just pick something? why do things keep getting more complicated?
i'm waiting for something to feel right. it seems like i'm geting closer, but am i really?
indecision may or may not be my problem.

in any case, i got my tax refund (and my stimulus check, yay poverty level!) and bought a new flyrod and some new flies. boat trip saturday, shore casting sunday and monday. and tuesday, and probably wednesday. the dark cloud of being home is passing somewhat.