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as usual, or for the first time [Jun. 10th, 2008|09:18 am]
navigating the bad juju
i don't know when the last time was i filled this out, so here.

10 Of Your Favorite Bands At This Moment
my morning jacket
band of horses
old and in the way
iron and wine
dennis brown
hot chip
king khan & bbq
grateful dead
fujiya & miyagi

09 Things You're Looking Forward To
seeing my best friend in a couple weeks
partying down for the rest of the summer
BONNAROO, 2 days!
MMJ at the fox in august
tarpon fishing with the costellos
hanging out with my dad next week
atlanta being home again
life with MG
being ok with not knowing

i'm skipping 8, because it never changes.

07 Things That Annoy You
the phone ringing
eating but not being satisfied
ungodly humid heat in the beginning of june
fruit flies

6, too. doorknob, steering wheel, come on.

05 Things You Do Every Day
lounge around
sleep in
write emails
think about jobs
smile big

04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time With

03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
key largo
wet hot american summer
motorcycle diaries

02 Bands You've Seen Live
packaway handle band

and number one.