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hi [Jun. 19th, 2008|11:21 am]
navigating the bad juju
how is it that only 3 days ago i was aching for a real bed, gallons of water, and a solid couple weeks of detoxing and here i am, excited already about doing it all over again?

for the second year in a row, i have had a musical experience so intensely spectacular that it sends chills up and down my spine. i can close my eyes and actually still feel it. wow.
once again, a 4 day sonic psychotic journey in good company. nothing beats balloons for breakfast!

i didn't see all of the shows i'd planned on, and that's alright. i'd have to look through the 'roo program to remember everything i DID catch. what made my whole weekend was 4 hours in the pouring rain in the middle of the night, belly on the stage, ears being drilled by the speakers, head full of...everything, with my new best friend. 10 feet away from jim james belting it out, thrashing around, soaking wet, looking back to see the crowd of thousands with their hands lifted to the sky raincoats be damned!!! singing along, smiles wide. four hours of music. four hours. almost everything off the last 3 albums, plus a fucking insane cover of james brown's "cold sweat", PLUS kirk hammett getting onstage to wail on "one big holiday". i thought i was gonna leap right outta my skin half the time. i have all this to look forward to again (minus the rain, and perhaps minus the substance abuse) in august when they take over the Fox. i have tickets for the show at red rocks as well....time to start playing the lotto.

this feeling is wonderful
don't you ever turn it off!